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Exposing the Darkness


Many people in America are waking up to fact that the world as we know it is changing; and it is changing fast. The confidence in the US Government is abysmally low as the level of corruption is now exposed daily and its depth is ever increasing. It would seem as though there is a conspiracy to cripple America's Christian heritage, her patriotic spirit, as well as her moral compass. It is a three pronged attack and it seems to be coming from within. The secrecy behind this agenda is now being revealed at break-neck speed. And this revelation brings fear to many, while others are sensed with anger as America's sovereignty and constitution are slowly dismantled with every passing day. The formation of the New-World order is well underway and, in fact, coming to fruition.

Amazingly,  the coming of a One-World government, a One-World economic system, and a One-World religion has been revealed in the Bible and has been for-told to come hundreds and even thousands of years ago. If the headlines are correct, we are in, what the Bible calls, "The last days", and the "beginning of sorrows" is well underway. The only hope for a mans soul will not be found in government, economics, or religion. The only hope for a mans soul is found in Jesus Christ, and Him alone. 

This page is dedicated to informing people to the reality of our world around us and a wake-up call to all that the Lord's return is eminent and soon. God has declared what the last days will be like and those days are upon us. Repent and trust in Jesus for your eternity.

Dr. Kent Hovind Taped in Coer d' Alene June 4 2001





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What the American Federal Government is doing to "We the People" is the very thing that our founding fathers listed as #17 of 27 factual reasons for declaring Independence from Great Britain.